Figma Migration

November 2020 – 4 min

I supported our team’s transition from Sketch to Figma by importing and rebuilding our component library resources.

Portfolio Site

July 2020 – Quick read

I created a portfolio site built on Gatsby and Netlify, leveraging both macOS and iPadOS workflows to write and edit content.

Plant Your Change

May 2020 – Quick read

I designed a new feature for the Aspiration app that helps customers automatically plant a tree by rounding up each debit purchase.

BudgetSheet App

March 2020 – Quick read

I learned Swift UI in my free time, and used it to build a simple app for myself to do some on-the-fly budget calculations.

Universal Buttons

February 2020 – 4 min

I helped Aspiration transition to a single, simplified set of button styles that could be used across all of their platforms.


Sketch Component Library

November 2019 – 3 min

Over the years, I’ve spearheaded efforts to build out useful design system resources for the team at Aspiration.

mockup of tidbits feature displayed on an iPhone


September 2019 – Quick read

I created a visual layout system for presenting the details of transactions to customers in a consistent and easily consumable way.


App Restructure

December 2018 – 7 min

In 2017, I helped revamp the navigation structure of Aspiration’s mobile apps to add support for our growing collection of financial products.